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INTERNAL SERVICE: List of resources
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Switch On - Service
from the series: Switch On Series
AUD $275.00 SWITCH ON SERVICE is aimed at developing and maintaining positive service attitudes in all staff that provide service...
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Getting Motivated
AUD $275.00 An animated series developed by psychologist Eve Ash to help people get motivated. Learn how to create a positive mind...
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Enhancing Service
AUD $275.00 Listen to customers, build rapport and deminstrate you care by being efficient, knowledgeable and a problem solver. ...
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Building Relationships
AUD $275.00 Marcus sets up a “speed socializing” exercise to give staff an insight into building long lasting relation...
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Personality Clash
AUD $495.00 Anne and Kim are very different culturally and in their work styles. Kim is annoyed by Anne's attitude, insensitiv...
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Sales & Service Turn-Offs
AUD $275.00 Identify the ten core principles of excellent service and what typically turns customers off. ...
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The Spirit of Service
AUD $275.00 Learn behaviours that internal and external customers love, so you deliver excellent service. ...
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