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Insights and Strategies Series
AUD $4,697.00 Inspire best practice performance with up-to-date knowledge, insights and strategies from a range of business leaders ...
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Handling Tricky Appraisals
AUD $275.00 Carol expects to be showered in praise at her forthcoming appraisal with Marcus, but is shocked to find Serena will be...
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Recognition & Feedback
AUD $495.00 Motivate people, develop skills and improve work performance. Learn how to give immediate recognition and feedback, b...
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6 Ways to Prevent Sloppy Work
AUD $275.00 In this program, Psychologists Eve Ash and Peter Quarry, discuss why some staff deliver substandard work and offer p...
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How to Manage & Motivate a Sales Team
AUD $275.00 Sales managers all need to implement the seven essential skills covered in this program to ensure the success of their...
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Assessing & Developing Performance
AUD $275.00 This video describes the best ways to measure, assess and develop the performance of employees at all levels. Discove...
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Maintaining Continuous Motivation
AUD $275.00 In this video, discover why continuous motivation is essential for business success. Learn how to maintain it both...
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Rewarding Performance
AUD $495.00 Organisations need to recognise and reward individual, team and organisational achievements. This video sets...
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Influencing Others
from the series: People Skills Series
AUD $495.00 Within organisations people at all levels are needing to rely more on personal persuasive skills to get things done...
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