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Eve Ash
psychologist I author I filmmaker I public speaker I entrepreneur



Eve Ash is the CEO of Seven Dimensions, a Melbourne based company she founded that has produced over 1000 business and learning videos and popular eLearning courses distributed worldwide. She has produced award winning feature documentaries and educational programs, as well as TV series on crime and investigation, and on relationships.

Eve worked for the Australian Government as a psychologist and trainer, and founded Seven Dimensions in 1980. She pioneered the comedy training film business in Australia, working with Australia's best creative talents, including John Clarke, Ian McFadyen, Peter Moon, Graeme Blundell, Julie McGregor and Ted Robinson. In 1986 she teamed up with fellow psychologist, Peter Quarry, to create another internationally successful company - Ash.Quarry Productions.

Eve’s range of business expertise and courses cover leadership, communication, wellbeing, safety, service, careers, English language learning and social justice. The diverse genres she produces cover dramatized and documentary case studies, comedy, microlearning, animation and interview style. Programs are filmed in Australia and USA. Many feature co-producer and fellow psychologist, Peter Quarry.

Eve has been awarded Businesswoman of the year at the Telstra Awards and her films have won 170 + awards & nominations for excellence and creativity read more. Eve’s acclaimed documentary Man on the Bus has won over 20 awards including a best film audience award.  Shadow Of Doubtwon several awards including a Gold Cine and was nominated for Best Feature Documentary, AACTA.

Eve is a dynamic and experienced keynote presenter who delivers the psychology of communication, relationships and success with fresh and entertaining insights. She is a renowned international expert on creating a powerful culture at work where people are switched on and engaged. She presents at events and on webinars.

Eve Ash’s two self-help books, co-written with Rob Gerrand – Rewrite Your Life! and Rewrite Your Relationships! – were published by Penguin Books.

Eve presents and appears in over 200 of the business videos as well as a lead performer/investigator in Man on the Busabout how she unravelled the secret double life of her mother, and her latest 6 part TV series, Undercurrent,about the wrongful conviction of Sue Neill-Fraser.

B.Sc. (Hons) Monash University
B.Ed. (Counselling) La Trobe University
M. A. P. S. Member of the Australian Psychological Society.
Registered Psychologist in Australia
Board Director – Served 4 years on Board of Film Victoria and 6 years on Board of Australian Film Institute