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Leadership And Management

Anyone can be given the title of manager, but it takes so much more than formal authority to be an effective leader and manager.

A successful leader needs to build the trust and confidence of their team, lead by example and inspire and motivate. They must have good communication skills to deliver and solicit feedback and the confidence to admit their mistakes. They must focus on results yet have the flexibility and courage to change direction.

Develop your leadership and management skills with eight, 360 degree assessment tools and more than 120 DVDs in the following areas:

Highly recommended leadership and management titles can be found in the best selling Learning a la Carte Series which includes interviews with world experts. Leadership titles include: Creating Powerful Visions, Managing Continuous Motivation, Senior Management Development, Situational Coaching, Strategic Planning for the Longer Term, Sustainable Business, The Future of Work and more.

There are also 36 DVDs from the award winning and best selling 'interview style' series, Take Away Training with titles such as: Delegating and Prioritising, Making Teams Work Brilliantly, Supervisory Styles, The Changing Role of Managers, Dealing with the Unmotivated Employee and more.

Included in the area of leadership and management are eight, 360 degree Skill Indicator assessment tools for measuring and evaluating: coaching skills, interviewing skills, management skills, managing change, managing projects, mentoring effectiveness, performance management and team skills.

Leadership and management issues are also addressed in the two entertaining and motivational DVD programs, Kangaroo and Boomerang.

Leadership and management titles can also be found in the following DVD series: People Skills, Performance Excellence, Reinventing Appraisals, Improving Performance, Improving Service, Total Quality Service, Creating a High Performance Workplace, Coaching Challenges and Feedback Solutions.

Seven Dimensions also two leadership titles specifically developed for call centres: Focusing on Results and Meet the Dial Tones, from the Hotline Series.