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People Skills Series
20 programs
AUD $3,740.00
People Skills Series

This highly successful library of 20 videos has won 13 international awards for excellence and creativity.

The People Skills Video Training System provides a complete communication curriculum. Each video comes with a Leader's Guide.

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The series is divided into five communication categories: Personal Effectiveness Team Skills Core Communication Skills Leadership Skills Handling Difficult Situations
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Being Assertive
AUD $495.00 Buy Now
Learn the difference between being aggressive, non-assertive and assertive. ... More...
Coaching on the Job
AUD $495.00 Buy Now
This five step coaching technique will ensure that new tasks are clearly explained, understood and learned. ... More...
Communicating Without Words
AUD $495.00 Buy Now
Discover the five main ways in which people communicate non-verbally. Use this program as an introduction to body lang... More...
Communicating in a Team
AUD $495.00 Buy Now
Learn how to accept and benefit from the differences in team members' backgrounds. Discover the traps to avoid when pa... More...
Dealing With Conflict
AUD $495.00 Buy Now
Conflicts at work waste an enormous amount of time and energy. In this video see practical examples of five different ... More...
Discipline Interviewing
AUD $495.00 Buy Now
Disciplining poor performers should be done fairly and with adequate preparation and documentation. Learn the six key ... More...
Effective Listening
AUD $495.00 Buy Now
Learn the five key skills of effective listening - show interest, focus on the key issue, summarise and check, listen fo... More...
Empowering People
AUD $495.00 Buy Now
Uncover the secrets of how to get people motivated to take more initiative, be more responsible and reach their potent... More...
Empowering Yourself
AUD $495.00 Buy Now
Too many people in organisations wait for instructions, advice, guidance and permission to do things. Don't wait t... More...
Explaining Clearly
AUD $495.00 Buy Now
Whether conveying information, giving instructions, coaching or selling, the ability to explain clearly is a core comm... More...
Giving Bad News
AUD $495.00 Buy Now
It is always difficult to communicate bad news. Redundancies and terminations are the hardest but there are also bu... More...
Handling Difficult People
AUD $495.00 Buy Now
Learn practical skills to deal with the know-all, the aggressive person, the joker, the complainer and the dodger. ... More...
Influencing Others
AUD $495.00 Buy Now
Within organisations people at all levels are needing to rely more on personal persuasive skills to get things done... More...
AUD $495.00 Buy Now
Learn the communication and questioning skills that will get you the high quality information you want, whether you ar... More...
Managing Meetings
AUD $495.00 Buy Now
Learn to control meetings, keep to time and ensure outcomes are achieved. Gain a powerful formula for leadi... More...
Mediating Disputes
AUD $495.00 Buy Now
Learn a step-by-step method for resolving disputes, personality clashes and other conflicts. ... More...
Presenting to a Group
AUD $495.00 Buy Now
You can immediately improve your presentations, ensuring you never fail to inform or motivate. Learn the six f... More...
Productive Counselling
AUD $495.00 Buy Now
Discover the major trap managers, team leaders and others fall into when counselling. Learn the difference bet... More...
Team Building
AUD $495.00 Buy Now
For a team to be effective in what it does, and how it does it, five key characteristics must be present. Discover wha... More...
Winning First Impressions
AUD $495.00 Buy Now
You don't get a second chance to make a first impression. Learn why first impressions are so important. Disc... More...
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20 DVDs and PDF workbook on disc.
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  • All staff
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  • English
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  • Presenter Peter Quarry
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