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Removing Tension
Duration: 8 Minutes
USD $275.00
Removing Tension

Brittany, the personal trainer, demonstrates various stretches to combat stiff aching bodies and work related problems. Serena arrives and is concerned about possible injuries and lawsuits. Brittany ensures Serena joins in with a Birthday Stretch. This program covers:

1.     Wall Stretches
2.     Back Stretch
3.     Texting Thumb
4.     Massage
5.     Neck Stretch
6.     Tension Headaches
7.     Birthday Stretch

Brittany, The Cutting Edge Personal Trainer, demonstrates some stretches for use in the office to help remove tension. The team is encouraged to discuss problem areas they have and together they work through stretch exercises with Brittany. Serena arrives and is concerned about the activities in terms of possible injuries and lawsuits. Brittany involves Serena and invites her to lie on the floor and do a ‘Birthday Stretch’, much to the amusement of others in the team.  People have enjoyed the stretching exercises but Serena is really concerned about everyone getting back to work.

Key Learning Points

"Create some team-building fun. Release tension and solve problems"


Don’t let the team feel flat
INSTEAD: Use stretching to get energized

Don’t ignore stress symptoms
INSTEAD: Try specific stretches for release

Don’t do inappropriate fitness training
INSTEAD: Ensure training is safe and regulated

Don’t shut down and complain
INSTEAD: Create activities to prevent tension

1. Wall stretches
2. Back stretch
3. Texting thumb
4. Massage
5. Neck stretch
6. Tension headaches
7. Birthday stretch

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  • All staff
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Melbourne, Australia
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Los Angeles, USA
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