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Finding My Magic - Series 2 Episode 1: Let's Be Fair
Duration: 7 minutes

Vin arrives from India and is initially treated unfairly because of his beginners English. The children learn about the right to be treated fairly.

Key Learning Points

• Understanding that someone may be different without being less talented or having less potential.
• Learning to speak out when confronted by unfairness.
• Enjoying diversity and welcoming people from different countries.
• Seeking assistance from others to help with an unfair situation.
• Making a commitment to treat others fairly.
• Seeing unfairness from the victim’s point of view.
• Using ‘Me Messages’ and the ‘Magic Box’.
• Learning to make amends and say sorry if you have treated someone unfairly.

Learning Outcomes


Finding My Magic is designed to build success skills in young children to assist them to reach their potential. It will assist children in learning about their rights and responsibilities by first learning about communication and positive thinking. Specifically this series is designed to encourage children to:
• Find and develop their inner strength, self-esteem, assertiveness, confidence and persistence
• Handle failure, upset, disappointment, and give them courage and motivation to try again
• Make healthy eating decisions and enjoy basic exercise
• Develop skills to overcome shyness and speak in front of a group
• Have pride in their own ideas
• Develop skills to overcome bullying and prejudice
• Improve communication skills
• Develop positive and caring relationships
• Step in and assist others
• Apologise when they have said or done something inappropriate or wrong.

Usage Examples

The Finding My Magic episodes have been designed to be used most effectively as sequential viewings and provide engaging viewing for a wide age group. Repeat viewings of individual programs can be used for exploration of specific issues and group needs. There are a range of activities that can be selected for use with different episodes. Masters (M1-M23) of handouts and resources are provided in this guide. There are a wide variety of uses of the program, depending on development needs, desired learning outcomes and available time, including:
• Whole class lessons
• Individual self-reflection and goal setting
• Lectures
• Mentoring sessions
• Coaching one-on-one or in small groups
• Induction programs for teaching and support staff
• Training sessions for peer mentors and coaches


• Silver Award, Questar Awards, USA (2010)
• Silver Screen Award Winner, Nevada Film Festival (2010)
• Award of Excellence, Accolade USA (2010)
• Best Animation, GIAA Festival of Short Films & Videos, NY, USA (2010)
• Bronze Plaque, Chris Awards, 58th Columbus International Film Festival (2010)
• Winner, Animation, Home Planet Film Festival NY, USA (2010)
• Official Best of Fest Award, USA (2010)
• Certificate of Merit, Animation, Chicago International Film Festival (2010)
• Honorable Mention, Animated Short Film Competition, Bayou City Inspirational Film Festival, USA (2010)
• Semi-finalist, Feel Good Festival USA (2010)
• Finalist, Australian Effects & Animation Festival (2010)
• Nomination for Best Animation, International Filmmaker Festival, UK (2010)


• San Diego Children’s Festival USA
• International Youth Festival UK
• Heart of England International Festival UK
• TriMedia Film Festival USA
• Independent Television Festival LA, USA
• Eugene International Film Festival Oregon, USA
• Williamsburg International Film Festival, NY, USA
• International Filmmaker Festival, UK
• Orlando Film Festival, USA
• Utopia Film Festival, USA
• Best of Intercom, Chicago, USA


From teachers who trialled the series in their classes

• They’re engaging, create discussion and offer strategies
• DVDs are engaging, message is strong
• Clear message to students that is reinforced by activities and each episode
• They are positive. There are changes that appear of the characters’ personalities/behaviours from the beginning to the end
• Great, diverse backgrounds, relatable
• I liked the multi cultural and gender perspectives.
• Really relevant
• Haven’t seen anything like this
• Fantastic. Nothing as up to date and focused.
• A brilliant program. Very needed from an early age
• An excellent resource with a huge scope of incorporating it into most areas of the curriculum
• The children picked up on the characters very easily
• Highly relevant to commonly shared values and beliefs

Recommended Audiences
  • Community
  • Students 5 -12
  • Young Children
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  • DVD Educational
Available in the following language(s)
  • English
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 Video Recording
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  • Animation
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Copyright owner
Eve Ash under exclusive licence to Save the Children (Australia)
Seven Dimensions