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15 Ways To Handle Today's Stress
This title is part of the Take Away Training Series
Duration: 15 minutes
AUD $275.00
Different stress management techniques work for different people.
Go through the range offered here and you will be certain to find some that will work for you!
Key Learning Points

1. Control only what you can control

  • Research shows, when people are victims of natural disasters, the people who cope the best are the ones who focus on what they can control, not what is out of their control
  • If there is no solution or remedy then it isn't worth worrying about

2. Talk with others

  • Counselor or valued friend
  • Discover issues about your stress through talking about it
  • Difficulty for men to talk with others

3. Reduce caffeine & stimulants

  • Decaffeinated coffee
  • When stressed the last thing you want is more stimulation induced by chemicals

4. Learn relaxation techniques

  • Relaxation is the opposite of stress
  • Lowers heart rate, blood pressure and slows breathing
  • Consider yoga or meditation
  • Slowing breathing technique

5. Do something calming & quiet

  • Hobbies, gardening
  • Walk in parks, go to quiet place

6. Keep things in perspective

  • Don't blow things out of proportion
  • Stressing over something when there are much bigger problems in the world

7. Don't dwell on things

  • Replaying bad situations through your head over and over
  • Learn to let things go
  • Use thought stopping

8. Regular exercise

  • Regular exercise creates a sense of calm and well being

9. Use lists

  • Creates control over your work
  • Accomplishment when a task is finished

10. Set priorities

  • Working out what tasks are more important and less important
  • For 20% of the effort you can achieve 80% of the results
  • Don't avoid the big things

11. Forgive others

  • Research shows the act of forgiveness lowers blood
  • pressure, lowers heart rate and creates a much more steady breathing

12. Manage your finances

  • Get your financial situation under control
  • Independent help

13. Develop communication skills

  • A lot of stress is related to conflict and interpersonal problems

14. Use visualisation

  • Create image to associate with a thought in your head.
  • Use a picture of your family with the thought "I really love my kids".

15. Laugh!

  • Laughter lowers stress
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