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A System of Change Series
Questions of Commitment
The Change Champions
The Psychology of Attraction
The Psychology of Resistance
The Vision for Change
Thinking It Through
Coaching Challenges Series
Can We Talk?
So You Agree With Me?
What's Really Going On?
Why Are We Stuck?
Communication Essentials Series
Conveying Information
Exercising Personal Power
Listening & Understanding
Overcoming Negative Behaviors
Creating a High Performance Workplace Series
Putting Customers First
Rewarding Performance
Strategies for Change
Success Factors for Teams
Successful Leadership
The Balanced Scorecard
Cutting Edge Basic English Series - 20 program set
01: Meeting People
02: Family and friends
03: Giving information
04: Thanks!
05: What do you do?
06: A typical day
07: Where can we meet?
08: What's happening?
09: Instructions and advice
10: You choose
11: Asking for help
12: How do you feel?
13: Let's go
14: How was your week?
15: Comparing
16: Do you like them?
17: Be Careful
18: Chatting
19: Can I help?
20: What are you going to do?
Cutting Edge Communication Comedy Series 1-80
Accepting Change
Achieving SMART Goals
Apologizing Carefully
Appreciating Diversity
Arrogance and Humility
Behaving Unprofessionally
Being an Employer of Choice
Boosting Emotional Intelligence
Brainstorming and Solving
Breaking Bullying
Building Relationships
Coaching New People
Creating Positive Impressions
Creating Workforce Agility
Creating a No-Blame Culture
De-Cluttering the Office
Delivering Sensational Service
Delivering Training Masterfully
Developing Successful Mindsets
Developing Trainer Skills
Diffusing Anger
Embracing New Ideas
Enhancing Service
Ensuring Security
Ensuring a Respectful Workplace
Explaining Skillfully
Facing Social Media
Giving Hygiene Feedback
Giving Managers Feedback
Global Cultural Awareness
Handling Anyone Difficult
Handling Tricky Appraisals
Handling the New Wave
Improving Self-Esteem
Listening Actively
Looking at Employment Contracts
Making Decisions
Managing Crises
Managing Projects Effectively
Managing Remotely
Managing Time Successfully
Managing a Complainer
Mastering Social Media
Mediating for Resolution
Meeting For Results
Minimizing Risk
Navigating Career Change
Negotiating for Results
Negotiating for Success
Overcoming Disempowerment
Overcoming Fears
Overcoming Setbacks
Pitching and Influencing
Planning and Organizing
Prejudice and Discrimination
Preparing for Emergencies
Preparing for My Appraisal
Presenting With Passion
Privacy and Ethical Behavior
Recruiting the Best
Removing Tension
Resolving Conflict
Responding Thoughtfully
Sharing Feedback
Starting Relationship Selling
Staying Motivated at Work
Stereotyping and Diversity
Stretching the Team
Supervising Effectively
Supporting Others
Surviving Stress and Burnout
Surviving Team Conflicts
Teaching Greetings
Transforming SILOS
Trying Myers-Briggs
Understanding Accountability
Unions and Collective Bargaining
Using Goals to GROW
Welcoming New People
Working Safely
Cutting Edge English at Work Series - 20 program set
01. Greeting and Introducing
02. Saying Where People Are
03. Describing People
04. Asking Questions
05. Saying What's Needed
06. Giving Reasons
07. Describing Feelings
08. Making Suggestions
09. Talking About Rules
10. Communicating Feedback
11. Complaining and Criticizing
12. Clarifying and Explaining
13. Agreeing and Disagreeing
14. Discussing Responsibilities
15. Giving Warnings
16. Expressing Ideas and Attitudes
17. Apologizing
18. Encouraging Others
19. Comparing and Contrasting
20. Considering Options
Difficult People and Situations Series
Bullying and Harassment
Damage Control
Leadership Sins
Personality Clash
Duty of Care Series
Bullying Prevention: Employee Awareness and Response
Bullying Prevention: Roles and Responsibilities for Supervisors and Managers
Introduction to Sexual Harassment for Supervisors and Managers - Industrial version
Introduction to Sexual Harassment for Supervisors and Managers - Office version
Introduction to Sexual Harassment in the Workplace - Industrial version
Introduction to Sexual Harassment in the Workplace - Office version
Workplace Discrimination: Employee Awareness Response
Workplace Discrimination: Roles and Responsibilities for Supervisors and Managers
Expert Evidence Series
Credentials and Technology
Credibility and Experience
Effective Written Reports
Ethics and Standards
Expert Evidence Case Studies
Expert Witness Preparation
Miscarriages of Justice
Mistakes and Challenges
Pre-appearance Discussions
Presentation Skills
Presenting Reports and Opinions
Role of the Expert
Top Tips
Feedback Solutions Series
Giving Feedback - Advanced Skills
Giving Feedback - Basic Skills
Receiving Feedback - Advanced Skills
Receiving Feedback - Basic Skills
Finding My Magic - Children's Rights Series
Finding My Magic - Series 2 Episode 10: Don't Exploit Me
Finding My Magic - Series 2 Episode 11: Keep Me Safe
Finding My Magic - Series 2 Episode 12: Know My Rights
Finding My Magic - Series 2 Episode 1: Let's Be Fair
Finding My Magic - Series 2 Episode 2: Listen to Me
Finding My Magic - Series 2 Episode 3: That's Private
Finding My Magic - Series 2 Episode 4: Don't Bully Me
Finding My Magic - Series 2 Episode 5: Be At School
Finding My Magic - Series 2 Episode 6: What's Best for Me
Finding My Magic - Series 2 Episode 7: Let's be Healthy
Finding My Magic - Series 2 Episode 8: My Right to a Good Home
Finding My Magic - Series 2 Episode 9: Respect My Beliefs
Finding My Magic - Introductory Series
Finding My Magic - Series 1: Episode 1 Discovering the Magic
Finding My Magic - Series 1: Episode 2 Sharing the Magic
Finding My Magic - Series 1: Episode 3 Kate finds her Magic
Finding My Magic - Series 1: Episode 4 The Magic at Work
Funny Business Series
Getting To Know Me
How to Avoid Decisions
Mates, Martyrs & Masters
Thanks for the Memory
The Working Together Series
Wipe out the Jargon
Hello Australia Series
Hello Australia Episode 1
Hello Australia Episode 10
Hello Australia Episode 2
Hello Australia Episode 3
Hello Australia Episode 4
Hello Australia Episode 5
Hello Australia Episode 6
Hello Australia Episode 7
Hello Australia Episode 8
Hello Australia Episode 9
Hotlines Series
Appreciating Human Differences
Building Relationships
Communicating Clearly
Controlling Call Time
Conveying a Professional Image
Focusing on Results
Handling Upset Customers
Managing Anger & Abuse
Meet the Dial Tones
Satisfying Customers
Solving Problems
Staying Positive
Insights and Strategies Series
4 Ways to Boost Your Leadership Skills
4 Ways to Enhance your Career
7 Levers to Success
A Formula for Team Success
A Positive Approach to Speaking
Achieving Best Practice in Crisis Management
An Efficient Approach to Online Dating
Brand Marketing
Building Brand and Reputation
Building Your Personal Brand
Bullying Even at the Top
Can I Help You?
Career Management and Talent Review
Career Resilience
Confidentiality Obligations by HR
Copyright Warning
Creating Your Brand Proposition
Creating a Powerful Resume
Crisis Management Strategy Planning
Culture and Oneness
Developing Sales Capabilities
Elevator Pitch
Entrepreneur Skills
Gender Inequality
Growing a Franchise
HR Dashboard of Metrics and Analytics
HR Strategy and Management
Implementing Successful Training
Improving Profitability in Tough Times
Increasing Website Traffic
Inspiring Social Change
Laying Off and Redeploying People
Lobbying and Influence
Managing Bad Press
Managing Crises and Brand Damage
Managing Disruptive Conduct
Managing Grievances
Managing Recruitment Effectively
Mergers, Acquisitions & Divestments
Performance Appraisals
Planning and Scheduling for Results
Recruiting High Achievers
Reward and Remuneration
Rock Star Leadership
Running an Effective Crisis Simulation
Seeking Legal Advice
Setting Goals to Stretch and Grow
Skills for Lobbying Government
Skills for Managing Redundancy / Layoffs
Stakeholder Reputation Research
Take Care Giving Expert Advice
Taking Ideas into Business Reality
The Induction Promise
The Power of Checklists in Crisis Management
The Problem of Nightmare Staff
The Value of Employee Ownership
The Value of Podcasts
Understanding Intellectual Property
Unfair Dismissal
Working with the Board
You Manage the Culture
Job Interview Success Series
Cadetships - Students Face a Panel
Café Interviews - Mistakes & Success
Customer Service Role Plays
Event Assistant Interviews
Graduate Interviews
Group Assessment Interview
Job Interviews - No Surprises
Office Interview - Confidence & Persistence
Pitching Your Business
Positive Mindset for Interviews
Receptionist Interviews
Show Enthusiasm & Confidence
Skills for Answering Questions
Success at Every Level
Learning a la Carte Series
10 Mistakes in Marketing
Action Learning for Results
Assessing & Developing Performance
Board Role and Responsibilities
Boardroom Effectiveness
Building Strategic Alliances
Building Trust
Career Coaching Skills
Career Self-Management
Continuous Team Development
Controlling Credit Card Debt
Corporate Eating for Health
Corporate Social Responsibility
Cost Reduction Strategies
Creating & Working with Knowledge
Creating Powerful Visions
Creative Brainstorming for Innovation
Cross Cultural Communication Skills
Developing Resilience
Developing a Beginner's Mindset
Diversity - Making it Work
Emotional Intelligence
Future Trends in Business
Getting Fit for Business
How to Cope in Harsh Times
How to Manage Knowledge Workers
Improving Environmental Performance
Improving Governance
Improving Team Climate
Influencing Senior Managers
Innovation in the Workplace
Leadership for Quality Service
Leadership in a Time of Change
Learning Organisations for the Future
Learning from 360 Degree Feedback
Learning in the Virtual World
Looking into the Future
Maintaining Continuous Motivation
Making Committees More Effective
Making Teams Work
Managing Call Centre Staff
Managing Career Transitions
Managing Change in Tough Times
Managing Contractors
Managing Disagreements Constructively
Managing Gen X'ers
Managing Growth
Managing Multiple Sites
Managing Personal Finances
Managing Virtual Teams
Mentoring for Executives
Outstanding Leadership
Overcoming Stress
Planning to Restructure
Preparing Your Business Case
Privacy Issues
Professional Business Writing
Redefining Mentoring
Rethinking Marketing
Revitalizing After Downsizing
Risk Taking
Scenario Planning
Selection Interviewing
Senior Management Development
Situational Coaching
Strategic Planning for the Longer Term
Success Factors for Virtual Teams
Succession Planning
Sustainable Business
Talking Up Your Business
Team Negotiations
The Cooperative Workplace
The Future of Work
The Process of Negotiation
The Rocky Road of Change
The Science of Selection
Turning Ideas into Reality
Understanding Financial Information
Understanding Knowledge Work
What's New in Empowerment
Meetings Series
Meeting Case Study
Meeting Segments
People Skills Series
Being Assertive
Coaching on the Job
Communicating Without Words
Communicating in a Team
Dealing With Conflict
Discipline Interviewing
Effective Listening
Empowering People
Empowering Yourself
Explaining Clearly
Giving Bad News
Handling Difficult People
Influencing Others
Managing Meetings
Mediating Disputes
Presenting to a Group
Productive Counselling
Team Building
Winning First Impressions
Performance Excellence Series
Coaching to Build Skills
Coaching to Clarify Expectations
Coaching to Develop Motivation
Coaching to Encourage Flexibility
Coaching to Enhance Confidence
Coaching to Resolve Conflict
Q&A Series
Delegating and Empowering
Difficult Appraisal Situations
Discrimination in the Workplace
Essentials for New Managers
Ethical Behaviour
Inspiring your Team with a Vision
Manager and Psychologist
Understanding Personality Differences
Reinventing Appraisals Series
Determining Key Result Areas
Identifying Performance Standards
Managing Change & Developing Performance
Setting the Overall Goal
The Performance Management Cycle
Sales and Service Masterclass Series
Closing the Sale
Managing Difficult Customers and Complaints
Overcoming Objections
Presenting with Impact
Selling Yourself First
The Phone as a Friend
What Customers Love and Hate
Working Constructively in a Sales Team
Selection Interview Skills Series
Anna or Mat?
Assessment Centre Interviews
Behavioural Interview Triggers
Body Language & Rapport in Interviewing
Interviewing Panels
Interviewing for Receptionist
Office Manager Interview
Property Manager Interview
Question Types in Interviews
Reference Check
Role Plays & Work Tests
Sales Rep Interview
Sexual Health Streaming Bundle
Chlamydia - The Secret is out
Herpes - The Secret is Out
Simple English Series - 20 program set
01: Hello
02: Numbers
03: Can you spell that?
04: About Us
05: Where is it?
06: When?
07: How much? How many?
08: Meal time
09: Work
10: At the market
11: The weekend
12: At home
13: Vacation time
14: Online
15: I don't know
16: I love it
17: Doing things
18: Fun with friends
19: Are you OK?
20: Emergency!
Success at Work Series - 10 program set
01: Make A Great Impression
02: Communicate Effectively
03: Be Confident and Assertive
04: Set and Achieve Goals
05: Prioritize and Organize
06: Contribute to the Team
07: Appreciate Feedback
08: Build Employability Skills
09: Demonstrate Your Strengths
10: Impress at Job Interviews
Success at Work Series Streaming Bundle
Switch On Series
Switch On - Assertiveness
Switch On - Caring
Switch On - Everyone
Switch On - Managers
Switch On - Respect
Switch On - Service
Switch On - Staff
Take Away Training Series
10 Employability Attributes & Skills
10 Essential Interviewing Skills
10 Essential Reception Skills
10 Essentials for Successful Induction
10 Healthy Work Habits
10 Point Checklist Before Delivering Training
10 Point Checklist for Briefing a Consultant
10 Powerful Networking Skills
10 Steps to Flawless Appraisal Interviews
15 Ways To Handle Today's Stress
360 Degree Feedback
5 Steps to High Self-Esteem
6 Essential Steps to Getting That New Job
6 Ways To Boost Your Career Prospects
6 Ways To Build Rapport
6 Ways to Increase Job Satisfaction
6 Ways to Manage Overload
6 Ways to Prevent Sloppy Work
6 Ways to Resolve Conflict
7 Key Sales Skills
7 Steps to Improving Communication
7 Ways to Handle a Difficult Boss
9 Essentials for Exit Interviews
Adult Learning Principles
Advanced Sales Techniques
An Introduction to Business Ethics
Balancing Work & Private Life
Be Careful With Email
Best Practice Workplace Checklist
Business Etiquette
Career Planning
Common Facilitation Mistakes
Conducting Successful Discipline Interviews
Conducting Training Activities
Conflict within Teams
Consulting Skills For Professionals
Controlling Meetings
Coping With Change
Coping with Retrenchment
Counselling Poor Performers
Dealing with Abusive & Threatening Calls
Dealing with Difficult People
Dealing with Manipulative People
Dealing with Trauma & Distress
Dealing with the Unmotivated Employee
Decision Making in Groups
Delegating & Prioritising
Designing & Delivering a Training Session
Developing A Training Plan
Developing Assertiveness Skills
Developing Emotional Competence
Difficult Presentations Made Easy
Eliminating Workplace Bullying
Energy & Enthusiasm
Essential Counselling Skills
Evaluate Anything
Facilitation Skills
Getting The Most out of Training
Giving Personal Feedback
Giving Up Bad Habits
Going for a Job Interview
Handling Complaints
Handling the Difficult Customer
How to Develop Your People
How to Make a 5 Star Impression
How to Manage & Motivate a Sales Team
How to Mentor
How to Sell A New Idea
How to Survive Email Overload
Increasing Motivation At Work
Leading Group Discussions
Learning from Mistakes
Learning to Learn
Making Teams Work Brilliantly
Manage Change Successfully
Management Mastery Checklist
Managing Aggression in the Workplace
Managing Boundaries
Managing Performance
Managing Upwards
Managing a Mature Age Workforce
Men & Women are Different
Moving into E-Learning
Negotiating With Suppliers
Overcoming Harassment
Overcoming Personal Barriers to Diversity
Personal Goal Setting
Positive Thinking
Preparing for your Appraisal
Problem Solving and Initiative
Project Management Success Factors
Public Speaking with Confidence
Reducing Absenteeism
Regaining Control of Your Day
Sales & Service Turn-Offs
Selection Techniques
Self Empowerment
Setting Agendas and Taking Minutes
Staying Happy & Positive Throughout Life
Stress Management
Successful Thinking Habits
Supervisory Styles
The Art of Behavioural Interviewing
The Art of Questioning
The Changing Role of Managers
The New Supervisor
The Power of Empathy