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Handling the New Wave
Duration: 9 Minutes
AUD $275.00

An amusing program about managing the expectations and behaviors of the newest recruits.

Carol is underwhelmed when “dude” Dion (Marcus’ nephew) rocks up to commence work as an intern, and also isn’t impressed by the entitled Tatiana. Marcus explains to the interns that Cutting Edge is there to help them move forward. Carlos is welcoming – offering Dion a desk to help him feel at home. Carol objects to the interns’ “text speak” and use of emoticons; not to mention time wasted on social media. Dion points out that companies allowing employees a given amount of time on Facebook are actually more productive. Steve explains the importance of dressing professionally; while Serena makes time to talk with the interns, perceiving their potential. Carol’s assessment of Dion is blunt; she believes he has no place in their office. Serena asserts that constructive feedback is the better path. Steve coaches Tatiana through what to say (and not to say) in job interviews. Carol concludes with some slightly tempered advice for Dion and he makes a positive suggestion.

The video is divided into chapters:
1. Welcome them and build rapport
2. Talk on same wavelength
3. Provide direction
4. Share standards
5. Manage attention seekers
6. Give practical advice

Key Learning Points

"Digital natives can be challenging at times. They can also provide great opportunities"


Don’t ignore young team members
INSTEAD: Welcome them and build rapport

Don't assume understanding
INSTEAD: provide clear direction and standards

Don't let bad behavior go unchecked
INSTEAD: Give feedback and coaching

Don't expect them to know
INSTEAD: Offer practical advice

Recommended Audiences
  • Teacher training students
  • Youth workers
  • Youth
  • All staff
  • Teams
  • University students
  • Managers
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  • DVD
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 Video Recording
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  • Drama
  • Comedy
Melbourne, Australia
Filming location
Los Angeles, USA
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Seven Dimensions
Seven Dimensions