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Switch On - Respect
This title is part of the Switch On Series
Duration: 6 minutes
AUD $275.00

SWITCH ON RESPECT is aimed at helping everyone at all levels to maintain a respectful non-judgmental attitude.

It is ideal for attitudinal, discrimination and diversity training, bullying and harassment prevention programs, conflict resolution, telephone and service training, and for developing effective communication skills. It can be used for induction, team building and management development and counseling training.

SWITCH ON RESPECT is ideal for training seminars, short meetings, conferences, workshops and for one on one motivational coaching or self-development online.

The SWITCH ON RESPECT program has four segments:
Segment 1 covers general dislikes, prejudices and racism and the need to be open and learn
Segment 2 explores overcoming judgmental and uncaring reactions
Segment 3 helps move beyond false beliefs, assumptions and ignorance
Segment 4 covers skills and actions for changing and forgiving.

Managers and trainers can use the content and activity sheets to help their people ‘audit’ their negative messages and develop and sustain positive messages and open non judgmental attitudes.

Key Learning Points

A range of key learning points can be made using this program that are general to positive thinking and behavior and also specific to respect:

• We all have a range of positive and negative thoughts and ‘messages’
• Some messages are voiced some remain as underlying thoughts
• We all have the power to choose our own mood and attitudes
• We can switch on positive respectful messages if we choose
• Positive thoughts usually underpin positive actions and enhance wellbeing at work
• Our mood and attitude impact those around us
• Everyone contributes to the culture of the organization
• Managers must create a positive culture at work with respectful communication
• A positive culture at work is motivating and performance is improved
• Respectful, inclusive behaviors at work are essential for cohesive teams
• Customers, fellow staff, managers and contractors all require respect
• There is no room for judgmental, biased, racist, discriminatory behavior at work

Recommended Audiences
  • All staff
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  • DVD
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  • English
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 Video Recording
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Melbourne Australia
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Seven Dimensions
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