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TEACHER TRAINING: List of resources
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Peer Mediation
AUD $275.00 Four young primary school students are encountering problems in the schoolyard. Peer mediators are assigned to help so...
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Teaching Literacy
AUD $275.00 Learning to read and write can be fun! By identifying individual needs and implementing effective teaching methods, stu...
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Teaching Numeracy
AUD $275.00 Maths is a numbers game - at least it can be! This program shows how to encourage students to learn and develop their...
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03. Describing People
AUD $275.00 Learn to describe people positively and negatively, and use regular and irregular comparatives and superlatives. ...
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04. Asking Questions
AUD $275.00 Learn to ask for information, recognize rhetorical questions and use closed, open and statement questions to get quali...
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Teaching Greetings
AUD $275.00 Carlos needs training in reception skills. Carol is critical of his pronunciation and poor English, so she delegates t...
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Effective Schools
AUD $275.00 Effective schools develop strategies to ensure learning is the key focus and the school is a friendly place. They use ...
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