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Managing Difficult Customers and Complaints
This title is part of the Sales and Service Masterclass Series
Duration: 13 Minutes
AUD $275.00
Ideal for group training and self-development..with excellent workbook and handouts.

Psychologist Peter Quarry and a panel of sales experts provide strategies for managing difficult customers and complaints, from simple product returns to major real estate deals being threatened with catastrophe. Practical advice is offered to assist sales people to work through solutions in logical stages to effectively resolve conflict, whilst preserving and reinforcing a positive relationship with the customer.

Key Learning Points

Learn to resolve conflicts with complaining customers effectively:

  • Acknowledge the customer's complaint and listen calmly
  • Apologise to the customer and show empathy
  • Allow customer to vent - don't argue or take it personally
  • Probe to find out what is causing the problem
  • Offer to fix or refund as appropriate
  • Ask customer to suggest what they want as a fix
Recommended Audiences
  • Service Staff
  • Sales Staff
  • Managers
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  • DVD
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  • English
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 Video Recording
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Melbourne Australia
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Melbourne Australia
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