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What's Really Going On?
This title is part of the Coaching Challenges Series
Duration: 9 minutes
AUD $495.00

Dana has noticed a change in Brad's performance. Previously a star performer, he is doing the minimum necessary. He agrees that his work has slipped, but he is vague about the reason.

If one of your team is not performing well and you know something is wrong but you're not sure what, you will need to do some coaching to get them back on track.

Dana is the manager of a small team of professionals. Brad has been one of her top performers. But she has noticed a change: he just doesn't seem to be as motivated as before, and she is worried.

So Dana decides that she needs to talk with Brad to coach him to get his performance back up. But she makes a fundamental mistake - assuming that the reason Brad is not performing is because he has lost motivation and needs some new challenges. She is wrong, and the coaching is coming to a dead end.

Key Learning Points

• Avoid pre-judging the situation
• Ask 'drill-down' questions
• Show empathic responses
• Use active listening and summarising
• Display flexibility to deal with whatever comes up

Learning Outcomes

• Accurately determine the cause(s) of performance problems
• Be able to describe and demonstrate the use of 'drill-down' questions; summarizing to check understanding; and showing empathy

Package Description
DVD with PDF workbook on disc
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  • Managers
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