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Manage Change Successfully
This title is part of the Take Away Training Series
Duration: 16 minutes
AUD $275.00
Learn the four personal qualities to successfully manage change as well as the planning and implementation skills required. Find out how to gain commitment and overcome resistance.
Key Learning Points

Personal Qualities:

  • Ability to welcome change
  • Resilient
  • Active learner
  • Supportive and understand others' reactions

Driven by a Vision:

  • Personally driven by the change
  • Take opportunities to talk about the change
  • Promote the change
  • Be enthusiastic
  • Focus on the outcome

Build the Foundation for Change:

  • Plan systematically
  • Research the best way to introduce change
  • Support system during change

Implementing the Change:

  • Need to manage change effectively
  • Communicate frequently throughout the change

Gain Commitment:

  • Understand peoples reactions to change
  • Allow opportunity to let people vent feelings
  • Involve people in the change and decisions, ensures commitment and ownership
  • Be clear with what parts in the change people can be involved in, and what parts they can't be
  • Find a Change Champion, someone who is very enthusiastic about the change and optimistic, someone others can relate to, can be a peer

Celebrate the Achievements:

  • Stop after the change has been implemented and celebrate
  • Afternoon tea or lunch together

Using the Manage Change Successfully list:

  • Managers go through the list and assess themselves on each point
  • Identify strengths and things needing development
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