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Rewrite Your Relationships!

How to turn your negative thoughts into positive scripts and create the relationships you want. .

How many times have you heard yourself or someone else say, "I wish he'd change!" or "It's too hard to meet people - why bother trying"?

In Rewrite Your Relationships! Eve and Rob will help you to: overcome negative scripts and stop 'self-sabotage'; gain a positive mindset for meeting people; understand relationships and why they can go off the rails; recognise and resolve conflict patterns; bring fun and equality back into your relationship; survive a break-up, if it happens; develop and maintain healthy relationships for the long term.

Rewrite Your Relationships! is fun and essential reading for anyone wanting to transform their relationships into what they've always hoped they would be.

Key Learning Points

Chapter 1: Understanding Relationships
• What makes them work and what makes them fail?
• What can we do to make them the best they can be?

Chapter 2: Mindsets for Meeting New People
• Don't succumb to a victim mindset and think it's all too hard
• Take control - learn to be open, confident and active

Chapter 3: How to Make a Relationship Satisfying
• How to tackle sources of dissatisfaction early on and prevent conflicts from developing

Chapter 4: Scripts for Managing Conflict
• Conflict, pressure and balance; recognising conflict patterns and overcoming sabotage scripts

Chapter 5: Sex and Fidelity
• Trust, betrayal, jealousy, body image and how your scripts affect your sex life

Chapter 6: Reclaiming Your Power
• When your relationship is dysfunctional or toxic and there seems to be no way out - scripts to rescue yourself

Chapter 7: Break-ups
• Scripts for managing a break-up - before, during and after

Chapter 8: Keeping Your Relationship Fresh
• How to get out of a rut and enjoy your relationship more

Chapter 9: Overcoming Obstacles - Asking for Help
• How to ask for help when you face a struggle

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