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Rewrite Your Life!

How to turn your negative thoughts into positive scripts and change your life.

How many times have you heard someone say "I'm no good at maths" or "I'm a failure" or "I hate public speaking - I can't talk in front of people"?

In Rewrite Your Life, Eve Ash and Rob Gerrand help you understand your negative scripts and explain how you can turn them into scripts for success. You can use this process to prepare for public speaking, tackle exams, improve your health, resolve your relationship issues and cope with the every-day stresses that life brings.

This book is a must-buy for anyone who has ever started a sentence with "I can't" or "If only...".

Key Learning Points

Chapter 1: Where Do Our Scripts Come From?
• How other people influence us

Chapter 2: Vision Scripts
• How to achieve goals and become successful

Chapter 3: Paralysis Scripts
• How to overcome negativity and gain independence

Chapter 4: Scripts for Speaking in Public
• How to present your ideas

Chapter 5: Sleeping Scripts
• How to adjust your sleeping patterns

Chapter 6: Chutzpah Scripts
• Discover how to be assertive and take risks

Chapter 7: Scripts for Studying
• How to study and succeed at exams

Chapter 8: Interview Scripts
• How to succeed at job interviews

Chapter 9: Scripts for Relationships
• How to build successful relationships

Chapter 10: Scripts for Handling Change
• How to leave your comfort zone and enjoy the unknown

Chapter 11: Scripts for Health
• How to do the healthy things you really want to do but don't

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