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Finding My Magic - Children's Rights Series
12 programs
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Finding My Magic - Children's Rights Series

Finding My Magic: Children's Rights Series is an animated series of 12 episodes for 4-11 year olds that teaches children how to look after themselves, each other and what their rights are. The series is inspired by the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child and features Olympic and World Champion gold medalist Cathy Freeman OAM, as an animated character. Finding My MagicChildren's Rights Series was created by psychologist Eve Ash together with Save the Children, Australia, and follows the success of the multi award winning Introductory Series

A Children's Rights program from Save the Children Australia

The 12 short episodes have identifiable engaging characters and stories, and each episode takes an in depth look at a right and delivers it in a clear and easily understood manner for a young audience. The accompanying Guide for Teachers is a great resource to enrich the learning experience, complete with discussion questions, games and exercises for children.

Cathy Freeman OAM brings an enthusiastic reality to her animated character, Catherine, the central character she voices. Catherine communicates, questions and stands up for rights of others and in the last episode, bravely tells the class about the Stolen Generations.

Image of Catherine Freeman

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Finding My Magic - Series 2 Episode 10: Don't Exploit Me
A neighbour takes advantage of Catherine by getting her to do the paper rounds for her. When Catherine’s mother ... More...
Finding My Magic - Series 2 Episode 11: Keep Me Safe
Kate is very upset and tells Catherine a secret about being hurt by her mum’s boyfriend. Catherine reminds Kate ... More...
Finding My Magic - Series 2 Episode 12: Know My Rights
The children present class projects about the rights of children and Catherine tells the class about the Stolen Genera... More...
Finding My Magic - Series 2 Episode 1: Let's Be Fair
Vin arrives from India and is initially treated unfairly because of his beginners English. The children learn about t... More...
Finding My Magic - Series 2 Episode 2: Listen to Me
Catherine has a great idea for the redevelopment of school land. Catherine finds a way to have her idea heard and lear... More...
Finding My Magic - Series 2 Episode 3: That's Private
Kate looks at Toms private diary but soon finds out how wrong that was. The children learn about the right to have th... More...
Finding My Magic - Series 2 Episode 4: Don't Bully Me
Morko arrives at school and immediately targets Tom for bullying. Tom has help from his dad and teacher, and learns to... More...
Finding My Magic - Series 2 Episode 5: Be At School
Kate is missing school to look after her younger brothers while her mother works. She tells her mother and her teacher... More...
Finding My Magic - Series 2 Episode 6: What's Best for Me
Tom is struggling with maths and is upset when his parents arrange tutoring sessions that clash with soccer training. ... More...
Finding My Magic - Series 2 Episode 7: Let's be Healthy
Kates teeth are hurting because of neglect and poor diet. Kate sees the dentist and learns about good dental care, he... More...
Finding My Magic - Series 2 Episode 8: My Right to a Good Home
Morko is living in unacceptable conditions and Catherines mum, through her agency, helps Morkos dad to get back on t... More...
Finding My Magic - Series 2 Episode 9: Respect My Beliefs
After having fun at Vins Holi celebration, the children are upset to hear about discrimination against Azras sister ... More...
Package Description

DVD with 12 episodes, trailer and PDF Guide for Teachers on disk.

Usage Examples

The Finding My Magic: Children’s Rights Series episodes work best over sequential viewings. Repeat viewings of individual programs can be used for exploration of specific issues and group needs. The Guide for Teachers provides a range of activities with handouts for younger and older children (4-11).

There are a wide variety of uses, depending on development needs, desired learning outcomes and available time, including:

• Whole class lessons
• Individual self-reflection and goal setting
• One-on-one conversations with children at risk
• Setting class rules
• Tackling particular behaviours e.g. bullying
• Induction programs for teaching and support staff
• Training sessions for peer mentors and coaches



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  • Students 5 -12
  • Young Children
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  • English
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Eve Ash under exclusive licence to Save the Children (Australia)
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