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Eliminating Workplace Bullying
This title is part of the Take Away Training Series
Duration: 14 minutes
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Develop an organisational policy that helps victims as well as those with bullying behaviour to recognise and resolve the problem.

Key Learning Points

What is workplace bullying?
• Systematic aggressive behaviour that belittles, humiliates or intimidates
• Ongoing and repeated - not an isolated event
• Can be by managers, supervisors, individuals, groups
• May involve: jokes, images, innuendo; physical contact; sexual harassment; overloading with unreasonable tasks
• Different individuals may respond differently to the same behaviour

Who are the victims of bullying?
• Anyone perceived to be different, eg. minority groups (race, religion, colour, origin), age (young or old), political views, physical characteristics

What are the effects of bullying?
• Emotional - anxiety, depression, even suicide
• Behavioural - mistakes, concentration, safety, reduced productivity, absenteeism
• Physical - headaches, rashes
• Organisation may be liable

What can organisations do?
• Have a policy defining the behaviours, agreed by management and communicated widely
• Managers show/say they do not support bullying
• Provide training about the problem
• Provide support for victims
• Deal with offenders

What can a victim do?
• Be assertive early
• Give warning
• Talk about it - work colleague, outside friend
• Escalate to manager if person continues after warned to stop

Am I a bully?
• Be aware of your own behaviour
• Observe other people's behaviour
• I may be a bully if people have: been angry with me about my behaviour/jokes, etc; cried sometimes

How do you manage a bully?
• As a manager:
• Be specific about the behaviour
• Get agreement/acknowledgement
• Follow up
• Give feedback
• Be alert - person may immediately intimidate victim further

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