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ENTHUSIASM: List of resources
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Switch On - Everyone
from the series: Switch On Series
USD $275.00 This program provides the stimulus for everyone to re-evaluate their own thinking patterns and behaviors. It will hel...
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Getting Motivated
USD $275.00 An animated series developed by psychologist Eve Ash to help people get motivated. Learn how to create a positive mind...
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USD $275.00 A video program to inspire winning behaviours in everyone. Meet three winners and discover the simple lessons of their...
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Overcoming Setbacks
USD $275.00 When facing setbacks recognize when you feel stuck and move forward. ...
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Staying Motivated at Work
USD $275.00 People describe what motivates and de-motivates them at work and Marcus uses gimmicks to present his motivational conc...
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Developing Successful Mindsets
USD $275.00 Steve is dejected. Casey tries to cheer him up and Carol offers advice about being in the Negative Land of W. Carol te...
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Inspiring your Team with a Vision
from the series: Q&A Series
USD $275.00 In this Q&A program Psychologists Eve Ash and Peter Quarry turn their focus to the imperative of vision. But what is "...
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Motivating Fun Workplace
USD $495.00 Find out why some people love coming to work and doing their best: • Energize with breakfast • Create a fu...
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Talking Up Your Business
USD $275.00 Peter Quarry interviews Carolyn Stafford, Director, Peter Quarry and Carolyn Stafford, author of ...
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Staying Happy & Positive Throughout Life
USD $275.00 We all want to be happy, yet this simple goal often feels so hard to achieve. Find out if you are really happy and lea...
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Staying Positive
from the series: Hotlines Series
USD $275.00 Call centres need their staff to stay positive. This program encourages staff to manage pressure and enjoy the team. ...
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Energy & Enthusiasm
USD $275.00 Gain an edge by developing high levels of energy and enthusiasm. ...
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Positive Thinking
USD $275.00 This video encourages everyone to be optimistic and think positively. ...
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